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Administrator of GMA
This website is administered by GMA (“GMA”).

Where this Privacy Statement mentions “this website”, reference is made to the GMA site.
GMA can process any of the data you entered during your visit to this Website. GMA guarantees and respects your privacy in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, i.e. the Dutch Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens, and the Code of Conduct regarding the Processing of Personal Data Financial Institutions. This means that your personal data will only be used if it does
not conflict with the purposes as explained in the aforementioned Code of Conduct or this Privacy Statement. Your personal data will be protected by GMA and you can exercise certain rights with regards to your personal data, which are explained below.

GMA will never sell your personal data or provide data to third parties, except if GMA is required to do so by law or if a third party is consulted to execute commitments against you.

Data processing
GMA collects and processes information of visitors of this Website in order to:

  • improve its services and business operation
  • distribute information about its products, services and organisation, as well as execute promotional activities
  • optimise the performance of this website
  • take measures for the security of this website and the interests of the organisation.
Collected data may be used to determine which areas of this Website have been visited, which applications are used by the visitors of this Website, the frequency of visits to this Website and the average duration of a visit. This information is processed anonymously.

If you provide us with personal details, you consent to the collection and processing of your personal data in accordance to this Privacy Statement and the Code of Conduct regarding the Processing of Personal Data Financial Institutions.

Cookies are small files with your personal preferences that are automatically stored on your computer by the website you are visiting. The information in the cookie is obtained when you first visit the website and then used when you visit the website again. The rationale to store cookies is in enhancing visitor experience on the basis of visitor behaviour. It is important to note that when visiting this website no PII or personally identifiable information is saved in cookies. Neither does your visit to this website make third-party cookies start tracking your surfing behaviour for the sake of web advertisements or other commercial use. Therefore does not offer opt in to sollicit your approval for storing cookies on your computer. If you do so prefer, you can disable the use of cookies alltogether by changing the browser settings on your computer.

Websites of third parties
This Privacy Statement only applies to this Website and does not extend to websites of third parties that this Website may be linked to. This Privacy Statement does not apply to information provided on this Website that is directly obtained from other websites.

Insight, correction and removal of personal data
You have the possibility to view, change or remove your personal data. If you wish to use this option, please send a written request to GMA , IAD/Compliance department, PO Box 24001, 1000 DB, AMSTERDAM.

Change in Privacy Statement
GMA reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement at any time. It is therefore advisable to regularly review this Privacy Statement so that you are aware of any changes made to it.


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