GMA is one of the largest and most highly appreciated providers of clearing, settlement and sub-custody services. As an independent European party with a global focus, we offer direct connections to 18 markets. Through our network we act as global custodian in 90 markets.


Personal attention


GMA focuses exclusively on wholesale securities services for institutional parties. This enables us to provide a specialised, bespoke service and respond rapidly to changing market circumstances.

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Personal attention is one of the distinctive characteristics of our services. We aim to work in mutually beneficial partnership with our clients, and to share our knowledge and experience in pursuit of their business objectives.

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We continuously strive to improve the quality of our services, and take the views and requirements of our clients extremely seriously.

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From our three home markets – The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany – we offer direct connections to all the major European markets, the US, Hong Kong and Dubai, and are active worldwide through an extensive network of sub-custodians. GMA is a truly neutral, European specialist, with an extensive range of fully MiFID compliant services.
Your client account team will consist of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, with an intimate knowledge of the European markets and prevailing regulations. GMA sits at the hub of an extensive global network, enabling us to maintain working knowledge at the highest level. As an organisation, GMA contributes to the enrichment of the European securities infrastructure through active participation in numerous external working groups and consultative bodies.
To this end, we have developed a comprehensive system for tracking and responding to client queries and problems. Furthermore, we provide each client with a customised Service Level Agreement detailing agreed standards for each element of our service.