5 years figures

Amounts consolidated in millions of euros (unless stated otherwise)

Own funds
Equity attributable to GMA shareholders194.2213,1192.3170.6187.0
Total assets4,422.73,789.75,205.75,347.96,017.3
Operating income124.2116.2117.7115.3117.1
Operating expenses91.4103.898.5101,894.9
Result before tax32.812.419.213.522.3
Net result attributable to GMA shareholders24.312.314.18.918.5
Figures per share of EUR 1.00 nominal value (in euros)
Net asset value after proposed dividend12.8814.2112.8611.5312.83
Basic earnings per share1.650.840,970.611.27
Share price, high10.9610.008.9012.2514.24
Share price, low8.987.656.807.7211.00
Share price at 31 December9.919.757.568.5511.76
Net return on average shareholders' equity (%)
Efficiency ratio (excluding impairments)7388848783
Capital ratio (at 31 December)2227232623